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HF Propagation

The Farmingville Repeater
446.325 mhz PL 127.3 offset -5 mhz

The Repeater

The WA2DCI repeater is located in Farmingville, NY.  The repeater us privately owned and is dues free, although donations are appreciated,  It is on a FM Broadcast tower. It is located at top of the tower below the FM broadcast antenna on the southwest side. There is a slight null to the northeast due to the side mounting.
  • Height above Average Terrain (HAAT) 249.9 meters (820 feet).
  • Height above Ground Level (AGL) 76.2 meters (250 feet).
  • Feedline from shack 121.9 meters (400feet).
The repeater is open to all licensed hams who are courteous and observe good repeater practices. There are no membership or dues at the present time. Emergency communations and nets have priority over normal traffic.

I want to express my sincere thanks to Roger Mion (WA2UMD) for his expertise and assistance in the installation of the repeater.


It has good mobile coverage from the Suffolk/Nassau county line to Riverhead, Coverage beyond those bounderies varies upon location, antenna and power level.  Coverage on I95 in Connecticut is excellent.

There are good reports from mobiles in Queens, Brooklyn, Northern NJ, Middletown CT, Southhampton LI and Southould LI.

BEARS/Disney Network

We are part of the BEARS/Disney Interconnect. This is a 24/7 network, no dial up or DTMF codes are required. The network is comprised of repeaters connected via RF and aproprietary VOIP internet connections. For detailed information see our Network Page.

Important Due to Internet Latency please leave a pause between transmisstions then wait a second before speaking after PTT.

The equipment

  • The repeater is a 100 watt Motorola MSF5000. It is all solid state and frequency agile.
  • The receiver preamp is an Advanced Receiver Research P432VDG.
  • The contoller is an S-Com 7730.
  • The duplexer is a Phelps Dodge six cavity unit.
  • Power deliver to the antenna is 30 watts. Combined duplexer and line loss is 70 watts.
  • The antenna is a 10DB gain Station Master. ERP is 300 watts.

Future Enhancements

Enhancements are planned for the spring time frame.
  • Add an IRLP node.
  • Add an EchoLink node.


The repeater requires a team effort. I have received help from;
WA2UMD - Roger Mion, WB2NFL - Robert Ciappa, KE2YK - Gary Utz.